Learn ZGO™ Densah® Bur

ZGO™ Densah® Bur Video


Zygomatic Course



The Summit
205 N. Michigan Ave 10th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601



Included in the Kit: 

2 ZGO™ Guided Keys 

2 ZGO™ Tapered Pilot Drills 
4 ZGO™ Densah® Burs - 65 mm 
4 ZGO™ Densah® Burs - 90 mm

1 Universal ZGO™ Densah® Bur Holder 

* Versah® Zygoma (ZGO™) Densah® Burs are SINGLE USE ONLY. Reuse of this device may lead to patient injury, infection, and/or device failure.




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