Versah® continuously invests and thrives on producing the highest quality medical devices for your clinical performance.



Low-quality counterfeits of Versah® products including the Densah® Burs have been promoted and offered in the open digital marketplace and through international gray markets. Some of these counterfeits have even attempted to copy Versah® parts lot numbers and printed information. These counterfeits are ill-designed, and non-validated. They will not produce osseodensification (See testing results below), and are reported to produce harmful effects in patient’s jaw triggering recalls in some markets.


Densah® Burs and Versah® surgical accessories are listed medical devices. Therefore, they are only promoted and sold directly by Versah® and Versah® designated international partners. 


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Counterfeit Testing Videos:

MX Expanders & DS Reamers

HNM "Zero Drill"

DX Drills Kit

Cosmos Drills Kit

Waldent (Made in Pakistan Counterfeit)

Cowell Medi

(Made in Pakistan Counterfeit)

Made in Pakistan Counterfeit


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