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Introducing_Versah_Osseodensification Introducing Densah Bur Technology


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Densah®  Bur Versahtility: Our Innovation Allows You To…

Gently Autograft the Maxillary Sinus
Eliminate the Guessing Game of Implant Primary Stability
Densify Or Cut With the Push of a Button
Efficiently Expand and Ridge in Either Jaw

Any Ridge, Any Implant, In Either Jaw


 Michael Rivera, DDS

“Once in a while a “new” implant tool appears as a must have; the Densah Burs are one of those must haves.”
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Rodrigo Neiva DDS, MS

 Rodrigo Neiva DDS, MS

“Versah Osseodensification Burs eliminate the “guessing game” of implant
primary stability.”
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Isaac D. Tawil DDS

Michael Pruett DMD

“We have actually adopted the Densah system for most implant placements in our AEGD/GPR program…”
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David Sarment DDS, MS

 David Sarment DDS, MS

“…going back to the regular drills becomes too aggressive now…I am recommending it to everyone I know.”
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