Nicholas Egbert, DDS, MDS, FACP


"Versah® Densah® burs have allowed me to offer patients in my clinical practice with improved treatment protocols with confidence. Stability in immediate placement, ridge expansion and crestal sinus grafting has increased my patients acceptance, and satisfaction while reducing complications and stress. Densah® burs are revolutionizing the way I practice implant dentistry!"





Carrie Berkovich, DDS, MS


“I am able to do more one-stage surgeries in narrow ridges utilizing the osseodensification principle for ridge expansion. My Patients are thrilled to shorten their total treatment time, have potentially less invasive surgery, and decrease risks of complications. This has boosted the positive feedback and referrals from my restorative colleagues. As I often say, Densah® Burs are the biggest little pearl I picked up for my practice in a decade.”




* Clinical professional testimonials reflect doctors' clinical practice experiences, and do not constitute marketing claims by Versah.



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