Cherry Harika, DMD:


"Versah kit is a must have tool for every implant dentist in my view. I was so excited to use them that I ordered 3 full kits for all my 3 offices even before I attended the course.  At this point, I can’t even imagine my day without Densah burs. Almost all my molar implants go with Densah burs. I loved attending the OD1 course and looking forward to attending OD2 and more hands-on courses with versah academy.  Staff is amazing to help with orders, registering for classes etc. Great product and great support staff."


Lawrence Gelb, DDS:


"The Versah drills have been a vital part of my armamentarium for implant and sinus surgery for many years. You taught us that with the Versah drills we can access the sinus floor even if it not at a right angle to the osteotomy. And in fact, I have treated many such cases with success. In this particular case, the osteotomy is almost tangent to the sinus floor, yet using the Versah drills we accessed the sinus membrane and listed the sinus without perforating. I must tell that your drills have changed the way I practice and have allowed me to complete cases which otherwise would have been rather daunting to treat."



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