Prof. Sandro Freitas:


"I'm Professor Sandro Freitas from Goiânia, Brazil and I've been using the Densah burs for almost three years. I believe that osseodensification is the best "novelty" in surgical implant dentistry in recent times for bone expansion, immediate implants and trans-alveolar sinus lift. Resolving complex cases with less traumatic approaches by changing the bone phenotype with bone movement and preparing the receptor bed in a non-subtractive way. I use it daily in my clinical practice and teach osseodensification in the courses for which I am responsible. I believe that resolving complex cases with minimal approaches is the concept of the new era of advanced surgeries in implant dentistry."



Riyaz Gangji, DDS, AFAAID, FICOI:


 "I recently obtained my Versah Universal Kit and was able to comfortably place a 3.75mm implant on a 3.92mm (CBCT) alveolar ridge at the #9 site. I was very excited with the results as the osseodensification saved my patient four months of waiting for an onlay graft and even longer if an allogenic block graft were used to augment the ridge. Ease-of-use, less surgery time, minimum trauma to site and great primary stability of the fixture!! I can personally say that the Versah clinical practice protocols are the most important and exciting tool in my implant dentistry practice for preserving, compacting, and expanding bone prior to placing Fixtures. Amazing vertical sinus lifts are also achieved using the patient's own autologous bone. The drills do not chatter and are easy to gauge and control while working. It’s honestly a great feeling not to waste all that valuable bone with its biological growth factors to my suction tip!"




* Clinical professional testimonials reflect doctors' clinical practice experiences, and do not constitute marketing claims by Versah.



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