Versah® Guided surgery is an innovative system that allows for adequate irrigation, proper visualization of the osteotomy expansion/preparation, freedom to luxate the Densah® Bur and the ability to manage multiple sites with different preparation depths and diameters with precision.


Step 1:

Imaging: Obtain a CBCT scan and clinical impressions of patients designated jaw(s).




Step 2:

Treatment Planning: Contact Versah® certified dental lab. Send the lab the CBCT scan and clinical impressions. For a list of all Versah certified labs please visit:



Step 3:

Schedule case planning session with your lab to decide the final implant diameter, angulation, C-Guide® Sleeve placement, and drilling sequence with the needed Densah® Burs.


Maximum distance between the C-Guide® Sleeve and crestal bone level is 2 mm  plus 1 mm C-Guide® Sleeve shoulder = 3 mm offset


Step 4:

Select the appropriate G-Stop® assembly. Snap the vertical gauge onto the Densah® Bur designated groove. The gauge should spin freely. (figure 1, 2, 3)



Large (L) G-Stop ® Vertical Gauge, (L) G-Stop® Key, (L) C-Guide® Sleeve


* Guentsch, A., An, H., & Dentino, A. R. (2022). Precision and trueness of computer-assisted implant placement using static surgical guides with open and closed sleeves: An in vitro analysis. Clinical Oral Implants Research, 00, 1– 10. https://doi.org/10.1111/clr.13904


Step 5:

Follow the suggested Densah® Bur Implant System Drilling Protocol. Use the G-Stop® Keys in incremental steps, e.g., when the distance between sleeve and bone is 2 mm (see Step 3) start with the G-Stop® Key (5 mm) to mark your osteotomy and establish initial trajectory - Exchange (5 mm) for the (10 mm), repeat in regular intervals leading up to your final length, repeat with each Densah® Bur. Your G-Stop® Key must align with your C-Guide®.


Example (Final length desired 13 mm):

• Tapered Pilot Drill with (5 mm key then 10 mm, 13 mm)

• VT1525 with (5 mm key then 10 mm, 13 mm)

• VT2535 with (5 mm key then 10 mm, 13 mm)

* Data on file, visit versah.com/our-science/ for Guided Surgery studies

*Clinician judgement and experience should be applied in conjunction with this clinical practice suggestive use protocol.


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