Riyaz Gangji, DDS, AFAAID, FICOI:


 "I recently obtained my Versah Universal Kit and was able to comfortably place a 3.75mm implant on a 3.92mm (CBCT) alveolar ridge at the #9 site. I was very excited with the results as the osseodensification saved my patient four months of waiting for an onlay graft and even longer if an allogenic block graft were used to augment the ridge. I experienced ease-of-use, less surgery time, minimum trauma to site and primary stability of the fixture!! I can personally say that the Versah clinical practice protocols are the most important and exciting tool in my implant dentistry practice for preserving, compacting, and expanding bone prior to placing Fixtures. Vertical sinus lifts are also achieved using the patient's own autologous bone. The drills do not chatter and are easy to gauge and control while working. It’s honestly a great feeling not to waste all that valuable bone with its biological growth factors to my suction tip!"


Prof. Sandro Freita


"I'm Professor Sandro Freitas from Goiânia, Brazil and I've been using the Densah burs for almost three years. I believe that osseodensification is the best "novelty" in surgical implant dentistry in recent times for bone expansion, immediate implants and trans-alveolar sinus lift. Resolving complex cases with less traumatic approaches by changing the bone phenotype with bone movement and preparing the receptor bed in a non-subtractive way. I use it daily in my clinical practice and teach osseodensification in the courses for which I am responsible. I believe that resolving complex cases with minimal approaches is the concept of the new era of advanced surgeries in implant dentistry."




Joshua M Ignatowicz, DMD


"Utilizing Versah® burs gives me the ability to safely and efficiently perform internal sinus lifts and Ridge Expansion. The Densah® Bur is the only bur I use for all of my cases - both for Osseodensification and traditional (forward cutting) osteotomy preparations, because, for me it operates and cuts accurately and precisely in both directions."



Howard Gluckman, DDS


“Osseodensification with the Densah® Burs have changed my life. I can’t remember the last time I did a lateral window. For my patients, it is less cost, less swelling, less post-op pain. It’s the best invention in a long time.”



Tim Smith, DDS


“I used Densah Burs after attending the course last month. We started with 5mm of bone height below the sinus so I used protocol #2 and just took my time step by step. It worked perfectly and I am so excited at how easy and smooth it went. We got a great result with a total lift of an additional 6.5 to 7mm into the sinus. Placed a 10mm implant but probably could have even placed an 11.5. Thank you for this innovative technique and for teaching it to me. I look forward to doing more of these in the future and hopefully attending more courses.”



Cherry Harika, DMD


"Versah kit is a must have tool for every implant dentist in my view. I was so excited to use them that I ordered 3 full kits for all my 3 offices even before I attended the course.  At this point, I can’t even imagine my day without Densah burs. Almost all my molar implants go with Densah burs. I loved attending the OD1 course and looking forward to attending OD2 and more hands-on courses. Great product and great support staff."


Nicholas Egbert, DDS, MDS, FACP


"Versah® Densah® burs have allowed me to offer patients in my clinical practice with improved treatment protocols with confidence. Stability in immediate placement, ridge expansion and crestal sinus grafting has increased my patients acceptance, and satisfaction while reducing complications and stress. Densah® burs are revolutionizing the way I practice implant dentistry!"


Lawrence Gelb, DDS


"The Versah drills have been a vital part of my armamentarium for implant and sinus surgery for many years. You taught us that with the Versah drills we can access the sinus floor even if it not at a right angle to the osteotomy. And in fact, I have treated many such cases with success. In this particular case, the osteotomy is almost tangent to the sinus floor, yet using the Versah drills we accessed the sinus membrane and lifted the sinus. I must tell that your drills have changed the way I practice and have allowed me to complete cases which otherwise would have been rather daunting to treat."


 Daniel C. Delrose, DDS, FICOI


 “I have been using Versah burs for over 5 years. That simple change has revolutionized implant placement in my practice. It does not matter the implant manufacturer, you always have sharp burs ready to go.”


Cassio Orth, DDS, PhD


“The implementation of the Densah® Bur technology in my practice helped me achieve consistent results, with reduced use of biomaterials, decreased the number of surgical interventions to obtain the desired clinical result and, therefore, facilitated the acceptance of my patients to perform additional surgeries. It definitely changed the way I practice implant dentistry.”


Rod Gleave, DMD


“I bought the Versah® Densah® Burs after hearing about how phenomenal they were. I watched all the videos online and performed several sinus lift cases successfully using the burs but still wanted to hear it live. I am so glad I attended the live event. Dr Huwais is a wonderful teacher.

Clear, concise presentation with great organized written materials to take home. The Densah Burs need to be a part of any dental practice placing implants .”


David Rainero, DMD


“The Versah® Densah® Bur technique has been one of the most useful innovations for implant surgery in my practice. The Versah Densah Burs allow us to achieve elevation of the sinus floor.”


Carl Runyon, DMD


“Anyone placing implants should have Versah® Densah® Burs in their armamentarium. Especially in difficult or compromised cases.”



Rodrigo Neiva, DDS, MS


"In my hands, Versah Osseodensification Burs eliminated the "guessing game" of implant primary stability. They are easy to use and provide predictable clinical results even in critical situations. New and experienced clinicians can also benefit from this simplified and efficient osteotomy preparation protocol."

Omran Bishbish, DDS


“Big thanks to Dr. Huwais and Versah team for the University Hands-on… No more tapping and no more hammering the patient’s head….This system gives great haptic feedback to the surgeon. After the training with Dr. Huwais, I discovered other applications for this system. I believe this is a great tool to have for any dentist who is performing implant surgery procedures.”


Michael Rivera, DDS


“My first case was a very atrophic maxillary ridge; I know with experience that by using only conventional osteotomy drills there is a “butterfly” or movement of the bone in an upward or outward fashion resulting in possible bone dehiscence. Utilizing the Densah burs resulted in placement of the dental implants in solid bone. I realized that the reverse motion resulted in the conservation of the bony ridge and wanted to try in denser lower ridge. The sites were a previously grafted site and an old extraction site adjacent to the graft. The grafted site was relatively soft and the Densah burs performed beautifully in this “new” bone all in reverse mode. The adjacent socket was dense type I bone and narrower than the recently grafted site. I did have to utilize the cutting mode to get to depth and utilized the condensing mode as the osteotomy gained size. Both sites allowed me to place the 4.3 mm implants with desired torque at placement. I have placed about a dozen implants utilizing the Densah burs in various bone situations and I am definitely a convert with this technology. I’ve shown several colleagues and recommend the utilization in many implant situations and highly recommend its use. Thank you, I know I will be ordering another set of burs in the near future and I’m glad to have found your Densah Burs at the AAID meeting in Orlando. I go to many dental meetings and once in a while a “new” implant tool appears as a must have; The Densah burs are one of those must haves.”


Paula Vargas, DDS


“I have been using the Densah Bur system for over 3 years and I totally recommend it! It is very easy to use and I have more versatility in my treatments since I can place more implants in places where it cannot be done with other systems. My implant cases have increased and I feel like I can’t do without it anymore.”


Adam Marre, DDS, MD


“The Versah Densah Burs allow me to provide my patients with the best experience possible. “





* Clinical professional testimonials reflect doctors' clinical practice experiences, and do not constitute marketing claims by Versah, LLC.


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