Osseodensification World Symposium 2019

Scottsdale, Arizona • January 2019

Osseodensification – The Evidence Revisited

Dr. Salah Huwais
Duration: 60:00

Dr. Paulo Coelho
Durration: 30:00

Dr. Rodrigo Neiva
Duration: 60:00

Prof. Nelson Pinto
Duration: 60:00

Tissue Preservation and Development

Dr. Michael Block
Duration: 45:00

Dr. Costa Nicolopolous
Duration: 60:00

Dr. Howard Gluckman
Duration: 48:00

Dr. Michael Pikos
Duration: 55:00

Dr. Samvel Bleyan
Duration: 61:00

Dr. Charles Schwimer
Duration: 54:00

Dr. Snjezana Pohl
Duration: 63:00

Dr. Alina Krivitsky
Duration: 35:00

Prof. Ziv Mazor
Duration: 61:00

Dr. Michael Toffler
Duration: 48:00

Dr. José Carlos Martins da Rosa
Duration: 62:00

Guided Surgery with Osseodensification

Dr. Richard Martin
Duration: 52:00

Dr. Dan Cullum
Duration: 50:00

Dr. Isaac Tawil
Duration: 44:00