Scottsdale, Arizona - January 2019

Osseodensification - The Evidence Revisited

Bone Grafting With Osseodensification


Dr. Rodrigo Neiva
Duration: 60:00

Osseodensification with Bio-Activators and Autologous Tissue Graft to Optimize the Site and Sinus Lift Procedures


Prof. Nelson Pinto
Duration: 60:00

Tissue Preservation and Development

When and Why I Use the Osseodensification System: Perspectives in Immediate Molar Sites and Sinus Elevations


Dr. Michael Block
Duration: 45:00

Same Day Restoration; Parameters for Success


Dr. Costa Nicolopolous
Duration: 60:00

The Khoury Technique, Osseodensification, and PET


Dr. Howard Gluckman
Duration: 48:00

Osseodensification: Parameters for Success in Hard Tissue Development


Dr. Michael Pikos
Duration: 55:00

Hard and Soft Tissue Modification to Achieve Predictable and Stable Results


Dr. Samvel Bleyan
Duration: 61:00

The S.P.O.T Treatment Methodologies, Preservation Implant Solutions


Dr. Charles Schwimer
Duration: 54:00

Osseodensification During and After Autogenous Grafting


Dr. Snjezana Pohl
Duration: 63:00

Contemporary Strategies in Crestal Bone and Soft Tissue Preservation


Dr. Alina Krivitsky
Duration: 35:00

Ridge Atrophy Treatment Concepts Utilizing Osseodensification for Sub-Crestal Sinus Augmentation and Ridge Expansion


Prof. Ziv Mazor
Duration: 61:00

Osseodensification to the Rescue in the Moderate to Severe Atrophic Posterior Maxilla


Dr. Michael Toffler
Duration: 48:00

IDR and Osseodensification - Using the Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration Technique Combined with Osseodensification in Periodontally Compromised Sites


Dr. Costa Dr. José Carlos Martins da Rosa
Duration: 62:00

Guided Surgery with Osseodensification

Digital Densification in Implant Placement Utilizing C-Guide Protocol


Dr. Richard Martin
Duration: 52:00

Intensify and Densify Your Implant Practice -  The Drill Paves the Way, Osseodensification Makes it Stay


Dr. Isaac Tawil
Duration: 44:00

Dynamic Navigation and Osseodensification: Advance Your Dental Implant Surgery


Dr. Dan Cullum
Duration: 44:00

Osseodensification Pre-Clinical Research


Dr. Paulo Coelho
Duration: 30:00


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