Orlando, Florida - January 2017

Osseodensification – The Evidence

Osseodensification: The Biomechanical Evidence


Dr. Eric Meyer
Duration: 30:00

Rethinking Bone Instrumentation & Introducing Osseodensification


Dr. Paulo Coelho
Duration: 45:00

Can Protocol Using Osseodensification Modify Loading?


Dr. Paul Rosen

Duration: 40:00

Osseodensification: Scientific Background & Research Studies


Dr. Paolo Trisi
Duration: 45:00

Optimize the Site – The Surgical Perspective

Hard Tissue Optimization


Dr. Michael A. Pikos
Duration: 65:00

Osseodensification: A Paradigm Shift in Implantology


Dr. Rodrigo Neiva
Duration: 70:00

Bone Preservation Might Be the Answer


Dr. Hisham Nasr
Duration: 40:00

Can We Preserve Nature to Optimize the Outcome?


Dr. Jorge Campos
Duration: 40:00

Osseodesification: A Paradigm Shift in Sinus Lift


Prof. Ziv Mazor
Duration: 70:00

Can Osseodensification Improve the Outcome for All-On-Four Case Types?


Dr. Jack T. Krauser
Duration: 50:00

Bone Instrumentation: An Evolutionary Perspective


Dr. Bernee Dunson
Duration: 50:00

Optimize the Site – The Restorative-Esthetic Perspective

Optimizing the Hard & Soft Tissue in the Esthetic Zone


Dr. Howard Gluckman
Duration: 60:00

Total Site Optimization - Expanding the Horizon


Dr. Samvel Bleyan
Duration: 60:00

Universal Guided Surgery 

Osseodensification: Immediate Implant Placement with One Day Restoration


Dr. Isaac Tawil
Duration: 50:00

One Visit Restoration, How and Why


Dr. Armando Ponzi
Duration: 40:00

Osseodensification-X-Guide: A Universal Guidance for Optimal Implant Site Development


Dr. Robert Emery
Duration: 50:00


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