Versah® C-Guide™ System
Universal Keyless Guided Surgery

Available in US Only
Can be utilized in the Densah sinus lift and sinus auto grafting protocol as well as in ridge expansion protocols from Versah®.

How to Purchase Your C-Guide™ System and TeleStop™ Gauge

C-Guide™ System Certified Dental Labs

Dorsey Dental Lab, Inc.
1227 W. Walnut St.
Rodgers, AR 72756
(866) 784-1525

3D Diagnostix Inc. (3DDX)

24 Denby Rd
Boston, MA 02134
(866) 834-7925

3144 John R Rd
Troy, MI 48083
(855) 361-3335

ROE Dental Laboratory
7165 E. Pleasant Valley Rd.

Independence, OH 44131
(800) 228-6663

TeleStop™ Gauge Assembly and Disassembly


C-Guide™ System Size Chart

View the Versah® C-Guide™ System in Use

 *Clinician may use the TeleStop as a vertical stop for free hand guided preperation without the C-Guide.
*Clinician may use a TeleStop size that would correspond with implant diameter and Drilling Protocol according to Versah IFU.

Order Online at or By Calling 1-844-711-5585

Frequently Asked Questions 

How is the Versah® Universal Guided Surgery System different than others?
  1. It is Universal with all implant systems.
  2. It’s Keyless – you don’t need the key to be held during surgery. The key has been fabricated as a telescopic key that is attached to the bur to simplify the operation.
  3. The C shaped hole allows for better irrigation and better pumping operation to produce safe Osseodensification.
  4. It is depth-adjustable. It allows multi-osteotomies preparation with the same TeleStop™.
  5. The Versah® TeleStop™ can be used as a vertical stop for free hand guided surgery
How much is the whole kit?

There is no kit. The C-Guide™ Sleeves and TeleStop™ can be ordered a la carte, just follow our work flow chart above. Versah recommends purchasing the C-Guide™ and TeleStop™ specific to the implant diameter to ensure the right sizes required are received. Each TeleStop™ is sold individually at $79 each (single use). The special promotion price is $70 each if purchasing (3) or more at a time.

Are there special Densah® Burs for Versah® Universal Keyless Guided Surgery?

No, your existing G2 Pilot, and G2 Densah® Burs are compatible with Versah® Universal Keyless Guided Surgery System.

Can I print my own guide in-house, or use my own lab?

Your Versah® C-Guide™ is Universal. It is compatible with any treatment planning and printing software available. Just follow the steps below:

  • Setup your software to produce the guide with a hole that matches the Versah® C-Guide™ Sleeve outerdiameter
  • Create a buccal window to match the Versah® C-Guide™ sleeve opening
  • Order the C-Guide™ and the matching TeleStop™ from Versah®
Is the Versah® Universal C-Guide™ Compatible with my CEREC guide?

Yes. Versah® TeleStop™ S, M, L are compatible with CEREC S, M, and L holes. But Versah C-Guide S is compatible with CEREC M, and Versah C-Guide M is compatible with CEREC L hole.

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