Versah® C-Guide™ System
Universal Keyless Guided Surgery

Can be utilized in the Densah sinus lift and sinus auto grafting protocol as well as in ridge expansion protocols from Versah®.

How to Purchase Your C-Guide™ System and TeleStop™ Gauge

C-Guide™ System Certified Dental Labs

C-Guide™ System Size Chart

View the Versah® C-Guide™ System in Use

 *Clinician may use the TeleStop as a vertical stop for free hand guided preperation without the C-Guide.
*Clinician may use a TeleStop size that would correspond with implant diameter and Drilling Protocol according to Versah IFU.

Order Online at or By Calling 1-844-711-5585

Frequently Asked Questions 

How is the Versah® Universal Guided Surgery System different than others?
  1. It is Universal with all implant systems.
  2. It’s Keyless – you don’t need the key to be held during surgery. The key has been fabricated as a telescopic key that is attached to the bur to simplify the operation.
  3. The C shaped hole allows for better irrigation and better pumping operation to produce safe Osseodensification.
  4. It is depth-adjustable. It allows multi-osteotomies preparation with the same TeleStop™.
  5. The Versah® TeleStop™ can be used as a vertical stop for free hand guided surgery
How much is the whole kit?
There is no kit. The C-Guide™ Sleeves and TeleStop™ can be ordered a la carte, just follow our work flow chart above. Versah recommends purchasing the C-Guide™ and TeleStop™ specific to the implant diameter to ensure the right sizes required are received. Each TeleStop™ is sold individually at $79 each (single use). The special promotion price is $70 each if purchasing (3) or more at a time.
Are there special Densah® Burs for Versah® Universal Keyless Guided Surgery?
No, your existing G2 Pilot, and G2 Densah® Burs are compatible with Versah® Universal Keyless Guided Surgery System.
Can I print my own guide in-house, or use my own lab?
Your Versah® C-Guide™ is Universal. It is compatible with any treatment planning and printing software available. Just follow the steps below:

  • Setup your software to produce the guide with a hole that matches the Versah® C-Guide™ Sleeve outerdiameter
  • Create a buccal window to match the Versah® C-Guide™ sleeve opening
  • Order the C-Guide™ and the matching TeleStop™ from Versah®
Is the Versah® Universal C-Guide™ Compatible with my CEREC guide?
Yes. Versah® TeleStop™ S, M, L are compatible with CEREC S, M, and L holes. But Versah C-Guide S is compatible with CEREC M, and Versah C-Guide M is compatible with CEREC L hole.
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