The Results

The results shown below are based on a 28% response rate (more than 3 times the industry average)

  • Believe Densah Burs are an improvement over standard drills 95%
  • Have replaced some or all of their standard implant drills with Densah Burs 94%
  • Would reorder Densah Burs 93%

The top 3 features of Densah Burs that were reported are:
• Versatility
• Early Loading
• Higher Insertion Torque and Higher ISQ

In addition to versatility, clinicians are finding that with the enhanced healing the restoration is expedited
which may allow a shorter loading waiting period.

“The burs are terrific in the regular mode as osteotomy burs. They prepare the site faster and with more precision than regular twist drills. In the maxilla, in D3 or D4 bone, they are great in reverse mode to make the osteotomy denser.”
Daniel Camm, General Dentist, Brunswick, OH

“Densah burs are both efficient and versatile…valuable addition to my implant protocol.”
Chuck Schwimer, Periodontist, McKees Rocks, PA

“The smooth chatter free design of the Densah burs allows for more precise osteotomies especially in grafted and immediate extraction sites. The Densah bur easily allows for lateral corrections during the preparation of the site.”
Keith Kanter, Endodontist, Windermere, FL

“Patients love the no tap sinus elevation. Being able to place an implant and restore in 2 weeks is amazing for patients.”
Tom Rowe, DDS, Aurora, CO

“Allows me to place implants in narrow ridges without ridge splitting and other modifications. Works well for minor sinus lifts.”
John Di Giralamo, Periodontist, Ambler, FL

“I frequently find I can achieve greater initial stability with Densah burs.”
Deborah Johnson, Periodontist, Plymouth, MN

“Densah Burs are very effective in improving insertion torque in the maxilla and are invaluable in preparing extraction sites for immediate implants.”
Ben Hanson, General Dentist, Northville, MI

“These burs have been amazing for all my cases.”
Linda Boehm, General Dentist, Oneida, NY

“I have been thoroughly impressed with the osseodesification qualities. It has opened up more opportunities without grafting. A must have in my implant surgery armamentarium. I will only use the last manufacturers but to shape the osteotomy.”
Erik Lee, General Dentist, Jenison, MI

“Fantastic! Love them. I can expand the maxillary sinus with ease. Makes expansion of sinus faster and safer. Don’t need to use mallet to expand the ridge and risk creating a problem with the inner ear.”
Edward Kusek, General Dentist, Sioux Falls, SD

Densah® Bur Survey

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